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At Camp on the Move we make every effort to ensure your child has a fantastic experience while creating lifetime memories. It is our commitment to maintain an environment that is conducive for all of our campers to fully enjoy their experience. To ensure our commitment to the campers and parents, in addition to making sure we maintain the highest level of safety and security, we have created a standard of behavior and conduct as to what we expect from all campers and counselors. Below you will find our policies and procedures.


COTM is an environment free of the following actions and behaviors and will not be tolerated:

  1. Fighting

  2. Teasing

  3. Hitting or touching

  4. Spitting

  5. Sharing food or candy (food allergy caution)

  6. Vulgar language, actions or materials

  7. Any unsafe or endangering behavior

  8. Disobeying instructions from any of the staff.

  9. Using Tobacco Products at anytime during camp hours.

  10. Carrying any object we consider a weapon including knives, lighters, etc.

  11. Any illegal substance.


Camp Ages: 8-14

Your child MUST be 8 years old to attend our camp.  We reserve the right to cancel your camp week if your child is not 8 years old.  There will be no refund given after May 15th.


Discipline procedures

  1. Any unacceptable behavior will be reported to a counselor, AD or Director.

  2. First minor infractions will be discussed with the camper by an Associate Director.

  3. Second minor infractions or first time more serious infractions will be discussed with the parents and camper by an Associate Director.

  4. Third infraction and/or serious or endangering infractions will be discussed with the parents and are causes for dismissal from camp.

Van procedures for securing all campers

  1. All campers may choose any seat when they arrive on the van but they must keep that same seat for the whole day.

  2. Associate Director calls roll after each stop. Roll call is by first and last name, plus visual identity check.

  3. A designated counselor will also do an additional general van count and cross checks with Associate Directors number.

  4. Each counselor verifies their individual group by calling roll by name and visual identity check after each stop.

Procedures for Injury

  1. Assess the level of injury, if serious or questionable, notify closest camp or park staff for medical assistance.

  2. Immediately notify Associate Director to re-assess level of injury.

  3. Associate Director attends to injury or chooses to consult additional medical assistance.

  4. Parents will be notified of any injury or incident regardless.

  5. Camp Director will always have a first aid kit on the bus and on their person when participating in activities where no first aid station is available.

  6. In case of a non life threatening illness or injury the camper will be taken by bus or in counselor’s personal vehicle to the nearest medical facility (if there is no first aid station at the current location). The counselor would remain with the camper until the parent arrives or the camper can return to join the other campers.

  7. All camper related medical issues will be recorded by the certified First aid and CPR trained staff member. 

Lost Child

  1. All campers are wearing wrists bands with camp director’s cell phone on it. Campers are instructed to call the directors cell number on their wrist band or find park personnel and tell them you are lost. Campers need to make sure that park personnel have the park logo on their shirt.

Theft Issues

  1. Immediate dismissal from the camp and the parents will be notified immediately.

  2. COTM is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Parents must e-mail the director and describe the incident when their child was stolen from or has lost an item. Parents must contact the park/location to check the lost and found; it is not COTM’s responsibility.  We will check the area we were in while at the park, but there are no guarantees. 

Additional Camper procedures

  1. Campers must use the buddy system when entering bathrooms. If a counselor is unavailable or of a different sex, then at least two campers must go together into the restroom while the counselor waits at the door.

  2. Campers must stay with counselors at all times.

  3. Campers with Disabilities are handled on a case by case basis and if a camper with disabilities wants to attend camp they may as long as they attend with someone who can handle/assist them with their disability. COTM is not equipped or staffed to handle children with disabilities.

  4. If a Natural Disaster occurs, COTM will follow all park procedures incase of a natural disaster.  If a natural disaster takes place during transit, COTM will call 911 and take campers to the nearest safe location for protection until help arrives.

  5. If an Abuse or Neglect occurs, COTM will contact the appropriate authorities if a child was being mistreated or abuse is reported. COTM will notify Family and Child Protective Services of the incident.  If the incident takes place at camp, contact DSHS Policy, Standards and Quality Assurance Unit. (Texas only) 


Additional Policies and Legalees

  • If your child needs to be administered prescription medication, it must be in its original container and released to the Camp Director.  If your child has an allergy or asthmatic condition, the camp director must be informed and duplicate medication or inhalers should be inventoried with the Camp Director.

  • I understand and acknowledge that Camp on the Move does not offer any medical insurance to protect against injuries, makes no claim to do so and has no responsibility of any medical expenses incurred or arising from any camp related activity.  I understand that each participant must assume the risk and any related financial responsibilities that could result from participation in any of the activities.  I agree to assume such risk and such financial responsibility.

  • Health History Forms are available to download on website to camper parents and are to be returned with registration form.  Any camper without a Health History form will not be allowed to attend camp until the form is turned in.  The state of Texas requires that we have this information for every child attending camp.

  • I agree to let my child view movies with a rating of G, PG, and PG13. If I do not authorize my child to view such movies, I will notify COTM in writing and also discuss it with the Camp Director.

  • I authorize my child to travel to and from camp activities in COTM arranged transportation.  My child is in good physical condition and has my permission to participate in all activities planned including water activities. 

  • I understand that I will inform COTM staff if it is necessary for my child to wear a life jacket during water activities.  In case of sickness or accident, COTM has my approval to secure at my expense such medical attention as deemed necessary if unable to contact me.

  • I understand that if my child is dismissed from camp due to behavioral, emotional or medical issues there will be NO REFUND from COTM.

  • I understand COTM does not give program refunds or allow campers to transfer weeks to other campers. COTM honors their waiting list. 

  • I authorize and understand that photos taken of my child may be used in COTM publications, website or advertising without any compensation.

  • COTM is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Parents must e-mail the director and describe the item that was lost.  Parents must contact the park/location to check the lost and found; it is not COTM's responsibility.  We will check the area we were in while at the park/location, but there are no guarantees.

  • COTM is not responsible for weather. Our sole purpose is to keep your child safe and entertained. We will only do indoor activities during inclement weather. We are not responsible if your child misses out on a scheduled activity due to weather and we offer no refunds since alternate activities will be paid for by the camp at a comparable cost.

Drop Off and Pick UP at:

701 S Capital of Texas Hwy Austin, TX 78746


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