Camp Tuition

Ages 8 - 14yrs.

Weeks are $415  depending on which camp week you are registering for.

  1. COTM operates in vans.

  2. COTM does not pay admission into Schlitterbahn. Two day tickets or passes are REQUIRED.


All other activities are included in our tuition price unless noted on the calendar.

We have two late return trips to Fiesta Texas San Antonio and Splashway Waterpark in Sheridan, Texas.


Camp on the Move Payment Plan

For payment plan options please contact Debi at


Refunds and Drop In Options

COTM offers NO REFUNDS for cancellations after April 30th. If you need to change a week after May 15th, COTM charges a $50 per week change fee and any additional cost difference for the week you are switching to. You may not transfer your week to another camper. We honor our waiting list.

We will take additional campers on a daily basis if the following requirements are met

  1. A seat is available.

  2. Daily rate of $125 for all campers.  All campers are still responsible for payment of Schlitterbahn entry.

  3. This is applicable Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

  4. Tuesday theme days can be purchased on a daily basis at a rate determined by director. Please email if interested in this.

  5. Placement is only reserved starting the Friday before the desired camp week.

Park Passes/Tickets

In addition to weekly tuition, there are several options for purchasing passes to Schlitterbahn. Parents are responsible for purchasing all campers passes/ tickets for Schlitterbahn. These passes can be purchased online at or at your neighborhood HEB.

** Passes are NOT provided by COTM.**


Drop Off/ Pick Up

  • Location: 701 S Capital of Texas Hwy Austin, TX 78746

  • Drop Off Time: 7:30 -8:15 AM

  • Pick Up Times: 5:30 - 6:00 PM

  • Late Pick Ups: Week 1 and Week 5

    • Details on Camp Schedule

Late Pick Up will incur a charge of $1 per minute per camper. No exceptions.

Park Protocol

Water Parks

  1. COTM visits water parks as dictated by the schedule.

  2. All campers are administered a water/swim test on the first day of camp to determine swimming level.

  3. Campers are required to apply sunscreen on the bus 30 minutes prior to destination and at lunch. T-shirt and a hat are recommended for campers that burn easily.

  4. Once at the park, all campers enter the park as a group and wait at the designated area for instructions from their counselor. (We have the same designated area weekly at each park).

  5. We never visit the big park at Schlitterbahn because it has more than one entry/exit, unless noted on schedule and then theme park rules apply.

  6. Blastenhoff, Surfenburg, and Hurricane Harbor have one entry/exit, and our designated area is close to the exit.

  7. Camp director is always at the designated area to monitor what's happening in the park and be easily accessible to all campers.

  8. All campers who are not taller than the water are required to wear a life jacket and must remain with a counselor at all times.


Six Flags Over Texas, Sea World, Fiesta Texas (or other theme parks)

  1. Because of the size of theme parks and multiple entry/exits, all campers 5th grade and below must always be with a counselor.

  2. Buddy System -Sixth graders and up with parental permission can separate from the group as long as they have a cell phone, a partner, and do not miss a designated check-in time.

  3. We divide the groups according to types of rides they enjoy.

  4. Ask Debi for Park Passes at the end of camp.  It is your responsibility to ask for the passes, we will NOT mail them to you as they have gotten lost in the mail in the past.


Austin Park and Pizza, Main Event, Gatti Town, Adventure Landing and Incredible Pizza

  1. At establishments with one exit/entry, we require a COTM employee positioned at the front door at all times to monitor who goes in and out.

  2. Children are not required to stay with counselors, but we recommend they stay with a partner.

  3. Counselors and directors will be monitoring the establishment while our campers are there. (If a child needs adult assistance, they are instructed to see the counselor at the front door.)


Snack Stops (including Starbucks, Dairy Queen, Krispy Kreme, convenience stores)

  1. Several stops weekly.

  2. We provide snacks except movie day or a snack stop daily where campers are welcome to purchase additional items with their own money.

  3. Decaffeinated drinks are recommended, but not mandatory.

  4. Campers will always be escorted in by counselors.

  5. Campers remaining on the bus will be monitored by COTM employees.

  6. Our driver is instructed to park directly next to a sidewalk so that campers do not have to cross a parking lot.


Movie Guidelines

  1. Each movie day COTM visits local theaters.

  2. The campers are given a choice from one to three movies.

  3. A counselor is positioned in each movie.

  4. Campers are required to sit as a group in rows.

  5. When the movie is over, campers remain with the counselor in the lobby or proceed to the bus.

  6. All concessions must be purchased prior to the movie and at the camper's own expense.

Drop Off and Pick UP at:

701 S Capital of Texas Hwy Austin, TX 78746


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